Friday, July 17, 2015

St. Anne on Madison Avenue

St. Anne on Madison Avenue
View of Antiquarium, Ltd. window
Until a few days ago St. Anne was prominently featured in a shop window on Madison Avenue!  Near my apartment there is an art gallery that specializes in art and artifacts that date from the Ancient Near East through the Classical Greek and Roman periods through the Middle Ages.  They are especially noted as a source for ancient jewelry (sometimes made wearable again through discreet repairs effected by jewelers trained in ancient techniques at the Jewelry Arts Institute).

Over the last few months I have been both a bit astonished and also very pleased to see that one of their windows featured a carved stone statue of The Education of the Virgin, showing St. Anne teaching Mary to read. The gallery website informs us that the statue was made in the middle of the fifteenth century (ca. 1450) in the county of Franche-Comte in France.

Education of the Virgin
French, ca. 1450
New York, Antiquarium, Ltd.
948 Madison Avenue at 75th Street

The gallery is Antiquarium, Ltd. and is located at Madison Avenue and East 75th Street.  Starting today and a mere three blocks away the church of St. Jean Baptiste on Lexington Avenue and 76th Street will celebrate the 123rd annual Novena in Honor of St. Anne.  The novena continues until the feast of St. Anne and her husband, St. Joachim, on July 26th,

Read more about the iconography of St. Anne by using the subject guide I have provided.

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NOTE:  This business is now closed at this location. It is now located several blocks to the south and not at street level.