About This Blog

This blog has several aims.

The first is to offer some thoughts, from a Catholic perspective, on the art of Western Christianity over the last 19 centuries. I intend to do this in both general and specific ways. The general way will begin with a particular work of art. In the specific case I will begin with the Word and will try to connect the liturgical readings to works of art that reflect them. Not every Biblical passage has a corresponding work of art, but many do.

While I do not intend to discuss the Christian art of world cultures other than that of Western Europe and the Colonial Americas I may, from time to time, offer information and reflections on more general questions regarding the interaction of faith and art throughout history.  In addition,  I will also post comments on museum collections or special exhibitions that may be of interest to people interested in western art. I live in Manhattan and have ready access to its many museums and to museums on the entire eastern seaboard and sometimes in Europe.

And finally, I aim to practice the art of writing, at least the art of writing that has no connection to my working life. All my life, people have been urging me to write. I've wanted to, but felt I lacked a subject to focus on. Although I have an excellent education in the liberal arts and in the history of art in particular I have not had a professional art historian's career. I am an ABD [All But Dissertation] from the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University, which means that, although I have completed all the requirements for a Ph.D. I have not yet been able to complete the dissertation and its defense, which is the last step before the degree is granted.  But the frustrated teacher yearns to move herself into an expression of what is important to her. The final spark came from the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to New York the weekend of April 18 - 20, 2008. I hope this will be my contribution to the work of spreading the good news of Christ, the Word Incarnate, "the Image of the invisible God" (Colossians 1:15).

I generally do not allow comments on this blog because:  1) I've seen what can happen on other blogs and don't want to encourage the kind of pettiness that can result and 2) I simply don't have the time to moderate comments.  I prefer to spend the time I have on doing the research that is required to write each posting, because I do make considerable efforts to research my facts, as well as to find the examples I need to illustrate them.