Thursday, December 9, 2021

An Advent of Promise

Claes Brouwer, Jesus Heals the Woman Bent Over and the Parable of the Fig Tree
From a History Bible
Dutch (Utrecht), c. 1420
The Hague, Koniklijk Bibliotheek
MS KB 78 D 38 II, fol. 170r

I have frequently used this image of Jesus healing the woman bent over to represent my own situation.  A few months ago I wrote about my summer of discontent.  I'm finally happy to say that things are better now.

My broken leg healed quite fast, probably because I hated the boot cast so much that I would use it to walk only if absolutely necessary.  My spine doctor advised me to adopt this policy because he said that many of his patients only began to have trouble with their spines when they had to wear one of those boots.  Consequently, I stayed off my feet for about six weeks.  That was truly a late summer of discontent!  Then, happily, the very well known orthopedist who was dealing with my leg told me that I could stop wearing it.  Indeed, he told me that my leg had healed remarkably well.  

Since then I have gradually increased my activities.  It was a bit frightening at first, especially to go out of doors alone, and for several weeks I confined my walks to just the few blocks around my apartment building.  I don't think I was ever more than two blocks away at any time.  But, little by little, I began to go farther and now it's pretty much normal activity again.  

I was able to return to join the rehearsals of my choral group and to participate in the concert we did on November 21.  In spite of my leg and back I managed to mount the podium to my place with the other sopranos (and the timpani and English horn players) and to stand for almost the entire concert, taking breaks only during solo portions.  I astonished myself quite a bit by this much standing.  And I was thrilled to find that I could stand up from a sitting position once again. My right thigh muscles are weak but definitely back on the job.  It made my back hurt, but not unbearably, and not enough to distract me from the music of Mozart and Bach.

I was even able to host a somewhat disastrous Thanksgiving dinner to which I invited two friends.  It was tremendous fun, mostly because it was such a disaster.  It began with the discovery s that the store handling my Thanksgiving order lost most of my items.  All I got was the turkey (thanks be to God), the prepared mashed potatoes (ordered to save my back) and two pears.  They were able to replace a few other items overnight, but the dessert was unobtainable till Saturday, which didn't help at all.  That was disaster number 1.

Disaster number 2 was that the turkey kept rolling over in the pan, just as I was trying to put it in the oven.  Consequently, the butter pats that were on its skin kept falling onto the well heated oven floor, which I could do nothing about at the time.  It took four tries to get the turkey to go in.  And the butter from the previous three tries just stayed on the oven floor, melting away and smoking dreadfully.  My first guest and I were forced to open the door and the windows to clear the smoke.  

Disaster number 3 occurred when my first guest and I started to set the table.  As we began to expand the table it fell apart!  The table is one I inherited from my parents.  It is certainly older than I am as I have very clear memories of it as a child, especially memories of how much my mother cared for it.  She would polish it frequently and sing while she did it.  It was a joy to see her so happily engaged in caring for her lovely table.  I'm afraid that since her death I have not cared for it so well.  I have had few opportunities to use it opened and consequently have skipped on its maintenance.  Indeed the last time I did use it was in 2018.  In the intervening three years I guess the dryness of the wood has increased to the point that the pieces won't hold together.  It came apart in three pieces, possibly more as I haven't moved it or examined it too closely since Thanksgiving.  

The day was saved by the second guest, one of my neighbors.  She arrived right after the table failed, then went back to her own apartment and brought me her folding card table.  We were able to put that in place, set it for dinner and have a lovely time.  Which just goes to show that disasters aren't always as disastrous as we initially think. 

So, at the moment, I am feeling better, even if the underlying issue is not actually getting better.  An MRI taken just before Thanksgiving shows that the situation is even worse than originally thought because the enormous quantity of fluid released by the collapsing disks has been absorbed by my body and is no longer confusing the images.  There are two disks involved this time, so almost my entire lumbar spine area has collapsed.  I will need surgery, but I have told the surgeon that I want to wait awhile.  I will have one or maybe two epidural shots in the near future, but surgery will possibly not happen until late February or early March. 

In the meantime I am trying to maintain an Advent spirit in my daily activities and prayers.  Advent is a season I love.  I love the quality of yearning that one finds in the prayers and hymns associated with the season.  It's the attitude we should maintain in our lives as we await the coming of the Lord in our own hearts and souls.  

I wish you all a blessed Advent and a joyous Christmas season.