Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Iconography of St. Anne -- Subject guide

Hans Wydyz (or Weiditz),Madonna and Child with Saint Anne
German, c. 1520
Freiburg-im-Briesgau, Augustinermuseum

Here's a list of my remarks on the iconography of St. Anne.  You can link directly from the list to the article you want to read. 

1.   Introduction, Background of Joachim and Anne plus Annunciation of Mary's Birth
2.   The Meeting of Anne and Joachim at the Golden Gate
3.   Birth of Mary
4.   Presentation of Mary in the Temple
5.   St. Anne as Teacher (Education of the Virgin Mary)
6.   Anne, Root of the Tree of Salvation (the Anna selbdritt image)
7.   St. Anne, Grandmother
8.   St. Anne, Matriarch of the Holy Kindred
9.   St. Anne in the Communion of Saints
10. St. Anne, Patron and Intercessor

Addendum:  Further articles I have added after 2011
Iconography of St. Anne -- 2014 Update (additional Anna selbdritt images)
St. Anne at the Met
St. Anne on Madison Avenue
St. Anne Update -- 2016

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