Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Aching Back Update

The Alexander Master, Jesus Curing the Paralytic Woman
From a History Bible
Dutch (Utrecht), c. 1430
The Hague, Koninklijk Bibliotheek
MS KB 78 D 38, fol. 170r
About a month ago I wrote about my back problems.  They continue, made worse recently with sudden shooting pains that hit me without warning in random places and in response to often very small movements.  They are so severe that they may make me scream or yell or groan out loud, unsettling whomever I may be with, I'm sure.  Surgery can't come soon enough, if it will end this.

I have now seen several spinal surgeons and have settled on one.  Unfortunately, the surgical solution seems to be the same, so the choice has been made on credentials, experience and personality.  The latter may not seem so important as the other two, but it is a recognized factor in successful surgeries, as I have already found once in my life.  The surgery will involve cutting out a part of the spine to allow room to the nerves, removing the herniated disc, and replacing it with what amounts to a bone sandwich filling.  Then my spine will be straightened a bit with the use of screws and rods.  I am not terribly happy with this, but it is the general consensus that I need it. 

I now have a date for the surgery.  It will be October 1.  I am told that I may be in the hospital for three days, then probably in a rehab facility for another 2-3 days, possibly more, depending on my progress in walking, 

So, it may be some time before I am back in the swing of being able to properly research things in order to write new posts.  There is one post which I hope I can complete before surgery, however.  After that I will try to keep the references to feasts, etc. up to date in the right hand column, until I can do the necessary work for new items. 

Please continue to say a prayer for me if you read this note.  And wish me luck too. Thank you.


Matthew Conner said...

Will certainly keep you in prayer, Ms Duffy. Your blog has been a steady font for one's artistic re-education.

Matthew Conner said...

A decade for your intention. SS Cosmas et Damiane, orate pro nobis.

Unknown said...

I am so glad to read your update that you have been cleared for surgery on Dec. 5. Prayers continue.