Monday, April 1, 2024

Links for the Easter Season

Anthony van Dyck, The Resurrection
Flemish, c. 1631-1632
Hartford (CT), Wadsworth Athenaeum

The days of Lent and the days of sadness that are the Triduum are past and Easter 2024 has arrived!




I wish you a happy and profoundly inspiring Easter Season.

 To guide some of your explorations of the themes of this joyful season I recommend to you the links below.  They lead to some of the commentary that I have written over the years regarding the iconography of the Easter Season, which extends from this happy day till Pentecost and Trinity Sunday.

Please feel free to explore the art created to imagine the Resurrection and the days immediately following, all the way through to the feast of the Holy Trinity.  I hope that considering these events and the pictures that artists have created to illustrate them over the centuries will help you to feel more connected to the long tradition of Christian art offered to the glory of God and to the living Church of our own time.

Links have constantly been improved over the years.  New images, better quality images and new material are constantly being incorporated.  If the original publication date suggests the material is now old, it isn't.  I am constantly revising and housekeeping.

Please note that over the course of the Easter Season I will be overhauling every one of the essays listed below to swap out old images with few pixels for newer ones with a greater number of pixels, giving you more visible details when you enlarge the images.  I will also be adding new images that turn up in the course of my hunt for improved ones (and this happens all the time).  Much more material turns up every year!  So, check back often to see what's new.

The Resurrection, the Appearances, the Incredulity of Thomas, Emmaus



The Women at the Tomb

Noli Me Tangere

Jesus, the Gardener

The Incredulity of St. Thomas (Doubting Thomas)

Emmaus -- The Journey

Emmaus -- The Recognition

Climbing from the Tomb

Hovering over the Tomb

Bursting from the Tomb

An Awkward
Resurrection Image

Good Shepherd Sunday

The Lake of Galilee -- The Disciples Go Fishing

Commission to Peter -- The Good Shepherd Transfers Responsibility

The Commission to the Apostles

Christ Appears to His Mother

Christ Presents the Redeemed to His Mother

The Ascension

Striding into the Sky

Lifted in a Mondorla or on a Cloud

The Disappearing Feet

The Direct Approach


Tongues of Fire    

At This Sound, They Gathered In a Crowd

A Dove Descending  

The Holy  Trinity

Worthy Is The Lamb

Father, Son, Spirit

Iconography of the
Holy Trinity –
Imagining The Unimaginable

The Holy Trinity -- Love Made Visible

The Holy Trinity -- The Throne of Grace



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