Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Aching Back Update, December Edition

The Alexander Master, Jesus Curing the Paralyzed Woman
From a History Bible
Dutch (Utrecht), c. 1430
The Hague, Koninklijk Bibliotheek
MS KB 78 D 38, fol. 170r

Those of you who follow this blog may remember that today, December 5, was supposed to be the date on which my ordeal by pain from my back would hopefully end through surgery that has been postponed once already.  Alas, due to a sudden infection (skin abscess) it has been postponed again.  It will now be "sometime in early January".   Perhaps it will be third time lucky.....

Apparently the surgeon had a cancellation for next week and is willing to do my surgery next Wednesday, provided that by Monday, December 10, I can be certified as infection free by a doctor.  It looks as though the abscess is calming down and starting to heal, so I have high hopes that by Monday it will be all gone. 

In any event, I will have a thoughtful kind of Advent experience.  Please keep me in your prayers as I endure yet another month of pain-filled waiting.

Today is Thursday, December 6, the feast of Saint Nicholas.  You might like to read about him in the essay linked to the picture on the right side of this page.

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Disciple said...

I’ve been visiting your beautiful blog for a few months and read recently your posts about your back trouble. I’m so sorry fo hear this latest news about the abcess and how it’s affecting you and your surgery. Keeping you in my prayers. Hope it all goes well, and that you will be pain-free and well soon!

Your sister in Christ,