Friday, December 28, 2018

Out of Commission for Awhile

Gabriel Metsu, Visit of the Physician
Dutch, c. 1660-1667
St. Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum

I don't expect to be posting much for the next several months.  The day for my spinal surgery has finally arrived and the work of preparing these notes will be beyond my powers and stamina for a bit.

I will try to continue to call attention to various previously posted ideas and images in the "Featured Posts" section on the right hand column and by occasionally repositioning some especially noteworthy topics as the top article below this notice. Please check frequently to catch things you may have missed or would appreciate seeing once again.

During this busy time, please take a second or two to pray for me in your kindness.  Pray that God will direct the surgeon's mind and hands, the hands of the nurses and aids and physical therapists and keep any infections or other possible harmful side effects away from me right now.  Above all,  pray that I can have a speedy recovery and can walk freely once again, so that my life can remain active and independent for some years yet.

And I would like to thank the several total strangers who have sent me their prayers in response to my earlier postings about this problem.  May God reward you a thousandfold for you kindness.

So, I wish you a Merry and Holy Christmas, if  you are Christian, or a Happy Holiday for whatever other festival you may be celebrating at this time of the year.  And we can all hope for a better 2019!

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