Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Papal prep update

It's not the Pope, but it is a Cardinal and I saw several of them
(and their pretty mates) on my two Central Park birdwalks today.
I spent most of today birding in Central Park with two organized groups, the first from the American Museum of Natural History and the second from the New York City branch of the Audubon Society, so I didn't have as much exposure to the papal preparations as on other days.  But I did observe a few things:

1.  Parked cars were indeed missing from my block and from the blocks around me.  However, they were replaced by limousines that were "standing" (i.e., their drivers were sitting in the cars).  I guess the drivers of the many other dignitaries that are in the city for the UN General Assembly are taking advantage of the open spaces!  But coming home after dark I observed not one single car anywhere, so the signs are being respected.
2.  Central Park West has been cleared of parked cars above 72nd Street.  Apparently, all the blocks from Columbus Circle to West 81st Street have been cleared.
3.  The park will be closed from 81st Street south to 59th Street all the way across from Fifth Avenue to Central Park West on Friday.  So, no jogging, no walking the dog, no birding, no nothing except for those who have the tickets for what is being called a "procession" through the park.  The birding group leader from the Museum of Natural History said he has just cancelled his early morning Friday birdwalk.  Otherwise, he would have to take the participants up to the North Woods (northern end of Central Park) and be late for work.

So, that's New York with just two days to go.  And, because Yom Kippur began this evening, I wish an easy fast to all my Jewish friends .  Security for their synagogues and temples is another thing that the NYPD has to be concerned about this week.  As they say, it never rains but it pours!

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